Local products

The most famous product of Fournoi is the thyme honey. There is also local goat cheese called Mizithra or Almyro, herbs and spices as well as fresh fish and lobsters.

Stock-raising is not very widespread on the island but there are enough lambs for the Easter meal.

Fourni cuisine

In Fourni, as well as most places of Greece , the cuisine is influenced by factors such as religion, climate, local products, tradition and customs. Fish is the main dish on the island. There are also dairy products and stocks. In past times the meals for feasts were prepared by all the housewives of the island together in one house. The preparations were usually transformed to celebrations with singing and dancing. Some of the local delicacies the visitor can enjoy in Fourni are: stuffed lamb, snails, fried pork, mixed legumes, fish, split pea-pies etc. The island has also many jams like quince-jam, cookies and the well famed 'gria', a pie with honey, sugar or cheese.

 The island also has tradition in desserts such as quince, the "Phoenix" (cookies) and 'old' (pie splashed with honey or sugar or cheese).

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