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Fournoi Island is the third island of Samos ' prefecture. Fournoi is an island complex southwest of Samos and southeast of Ikaria . Fournoi are accessible by ships, boats and flying dolphins. The complex consists of 12 islands, 3 large (Fournoi, Thymaina, Agios Minas) and 9 smaller which are an ideal environment for seabirds among which is the rare sea-gull of the Aegean (Aigaioglaros). The area is a part of Natura 2000 program.

The largest island of the complex is Fournoi with the homonymous capital amphitheatrically built over the beautiful Aegean. Fournoi has a natural port and it is inhabited by 2000 people. You can find anything in the island's shops: food, meat, clothing, glassware, present etc. The inhabitants exercise fishing, cattle-raising, apiculture, constructions, trade and tourism while a large percentage of them are mariners. On the island there are cars. Wandering around Fournoi the visitor is charmed. Taking the road up to the square, the visitor passes through the 'road with the mulberry trees'. This beautiful picture is completed by the square with its plane-tree. There the visitor can enjoy a coffee in traditional coffee-shops. Most of the island's restaurants are by the sea.


The following services exist on the island: Municipal offices with a center of citizens service, police and harbor station, post office and savings bank, pharmacy, doctors office with the possibility of telemedicine procedures and an ATM supportes by DIAS system.

Local architecture

The first houses of Fourni were identical huts. Every hut consisted of one long and narrow slate building. The roofs were called 'Dora' and were made of wood, seaweed and certain type of mud found in Thymaina. This mud had a rainproof quality that was lost gradually because of the sun and it had to be replaced regularly. On the narrow side of the building there was a door separated in two pieces wile on the long side there were windows. Inside the hut there was a bench that was used both for table and bed. The huts had also fireplaces and many alcoves for vases and other decorative objects. The only pieces of furniture beside the bench were a portable bed called 'sofras' and little wooden stools covered with sheepskin cushions. The first house was built in 1885. It is on the village square and it belongs to Kostas Spanos. It has two floors, three windows and stairs outside the house leading to the second floor. After few years five similar houses were built with wooden roofs and stone stairs. Each floor was separated in two rooms. Some of them have also wooden balconies.

The houses of Fourni are very simple and skillfully decorated. The rooms and furniture of the house serve practical purposes based on each house's needs.

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