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Fournoi Island is the third island of Samos ' prefecture. Fournoi is an island complex southwest of Samos and southeast of Ikaria . Fournoi are accessible by ships, boats and flying dolphins. The complex consists of 12 islands, 3 large (Fournoi, Thymaina, Agios Minas) and 9 smaller which are an ideal environment for seabirds among which is the rare sea-gull of the Aegean (Aigaioglaros). The area is a part of Natura 2000 program.

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History of the Island

The Name

During the ancient times, Fourni island complex was called 'Korasioi islands'. This name was given by Agaios from Arcadia king of Samos . Agaios, after a dispute with his father, migrated first to Kefalonia and then, after a divination of Apollo, went to Samos bringing many settlers with him. He got married and had many children among which was Samos who later became king and had many children too. He gave Fourni as a present to his daughters and that gave tha island its name (Korasia = girls).

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Religious festivities

The people of Fourni have strong religious feelings which are proven by the many chapels on the island. The largest festivities take place celebrating Mother Mary, Agios Ioannis Theologos, Agios Ioannis Thermastis, Agios Minas on the homonymus island, Agios Taxiarchis and many more. On July 17th there is the feast of Agia Marina and a great festivity is organized by the members of the island's Cultural Club including live music and food. The menu mainly consists of goat cooked in tomato sauce which is Fourni's traditional plate. On August 15th there is the greatest festivity of the year taking place around the village's port with orchestras and traditional delicacies.

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The island is surrounded by beautiful beaches with crystal waters. There are large and small beaches. Some of them are easy-accessible and others isolated, waiting for the visitors to discover them. The most famous of them are: Kambi, Kamari, Ai Giannis, Bali, Psili Ammos, Petrokopio, Elidaki, Vitsilia, Vlyxada and Ambelos.

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Local products

The most famous product of Fournoi is the thyme honey. There is also local goat cheese called Mizithra or Almyro, herbs and spices as well as fresh fish and lobsters.

Stock-raising is not very widespread on the island but there are enough lambs for the Easter meal.

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